Security Solutions

Safenet aims to provide our clients with complete, professional security solutions, enabling them to focus solely on the running of their business concerns. Our management structure and content allow our personnel to effectively integrate into our client’s teams, accelerating the completion of technical tasks in a cohesive manner. Hostile incidents and security breaches at work sites are limited during the duration of the client’s contract.

A fully certified, accomplished project manager, who has the support of the corporate structure, will be able to make critical decisions. A unified logistics support division minimises intervals when vital equipment and vehicles are out of service, whilst sustaining all tasks at full capability. Safenet Air Transport facilitates the secure transfer of personnel and machinery, together with their replacement parts.

Safenet is part of each step of the process, to anticipate all of the possible risk factors and implement all appropriate security measures in the most cost-effective manner attainable. We provide diplomacy and client confidentiality within the scheme of local appointment and international law, whilst conserving corporate transparency. Accountability and effective management are the essence of our success.