Life Support

Safenet delivers comprehensive life support and camp management solutions in every type of condition. This all-inclusive service comprises of temporary housing, general and specialist maintenance and food supply.

It also incorporates sea, land and air transportation with an escort facility, equipment sourcing and shipping, along with additional protection. Integrated internal and external resources provide an all-in-one solution.

Temporary housing solutions:

Safe houses, camp design and construction, force defense measures, tents, pre-fabricated buildings and containerised accommodation, kitchen and leisure facilities, water and power supply and garbage and sewage solutions are special provisions that Safenet offers to those in need of non-permanent structures.

Servicing and management

These services comprise of:

  • Reception management
  • Building and terrain cleaning
  • Internet communications
  • Laundry services
  • Water supply
  • Power generation
  • Refuse removal and sewage management
  • Fuel supply and point of distribution administration
  • Healthcare and waste removal
  • Base camp protection, access control and force defense
  • Technical support for vehicle maintenance