Oil and Gas

Safenet protects oil and gas facilities, both onshore and offshore. This is achieved by the use of nautical, aerial and electronic systems. Our all-inclusive service covers the following critical areas:

Operational Focus Areas Onshore:

  • Passenger, personnel & luggage searches
  • Vehicle inspectionsPatrolling & observation
  • Sobriety tests
  • Access & exit control
  • Emergency response
  • Safety support – practice drills and provision of aid during real emergencies
  • Information gathering
  • Personnel & cargo escorts
  • Foot & mobile patrols
  • Traffic control
  • Cooperation with authorities during information gathering process
  • Investigations and follow-up procedures
  • Analyses and data base creation and updates
  • Smart Badge administration and implementation
  • VIP protection
  • Air marshal services
  • Bus marshal services
  • Company vehicle escorts

Operational Offshore Focus

The Marine patrol resource is a continuous operation which forms an integral part of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) function. As a constant presence at sea, this Patrol service offers an immediate response to alarms detection and interception of the following threats:

  • Prevention of solar panel theft
  • Response to intruder alarms and call-outs
  • Removal of unauthorised vessels from restricted zones
  • Assistance during incidents
  • Support to special offshore operations

Our safety and security duties range from:

  • Escorting of survey vessels and tows
  • Policing of safety zones around offshore installations
  • Emergency towage and stand-by services in case of emergencies
  • Vital roles in an evacuation plan

ISPS Operational Focus:

  • Ensure the safety performance of all port facilities
  • Control the access to the port facility and restricted zones
  • Supervise and inspect all cargo
  • Execution of marine patrol functions
  • Coordinate and execute practice drills and training exercises