Humanitarian Support

Developing countries are highly vulnerable to natural hazards like tropical cyclones, floods, landslides, droughts, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Safenet is equipped and ready to assist governments and aid agencies in any country during a natural disaster. This assistance comes in the form of relief supplies, medical teams, law enforcement personnel, transport, landmine clearance and communication.

This is due to our:

  • Disaster preparation: Safenet works in cooperation with international and domestic partners to ensure effective responses. This includes the drafting and implementation of a Disaster Risk Reduction Policy.
  • Food aid: Safenet assists in aerial and terrestrial transportation of food aid to remote areas.
  • Refugees: We assist in the construction of temporary housing for refugees and internationally displaced people (IDPs). Our company also provides aerial and terrestrial transportation for them.
  • Rehabilitation and construction: In many cases, long-term relief is needed after an emergency. Safenet supports rehabilitation and reconstruction campaigns in areas that have been struck by disaster or conflict. To reduce a similar occurrence happening again, recovery and reconstruction is performed in such a way that disaster affected communities will be more resilient to future natural disasters.
  • Mine action: Landmines and other explosive remnants of war pose as serious obstacles to the sustainable development of many of the world’s poorest countries. They deny affected populations the access to water and health facilities, fertile agricultural land, and means of communication. With the help of international and regional aid, Safenet provides support for mine clearance, mine risk education, victim assistance and advocacy against these weapons.