Management Team

Safenet’s management team has become successful due to the following qualities:

  • Dedicated executive team with international experience
  • Complete commitment and integrity
  • Responsive to a transformative environment
  • Operation within a pre-defined budget and timeline
  • Fresh experience in conflict zones
  • Integration of client’s own team with local personnel via a skills transfer process


Maritz le Roux is the founding member of Safenet Security Services. Since 1995, he has developed the enterprise into an international service provider for governmental departments and “blue chip companies” that require threat management services in high-risk environments. He received immense experience in the risk-management industry whilst establishing profitable operations in Africa and the Middle East.

He envisions sharing opportunities with like-minded individuals and creating employment possibilities, whilst offering revolutionary services to clients in high-risk, war torn areas. Maritz has constantly lead Safenet Security Services to provide innovational technology and initiatives to its clients.

The initiatives include the deployment of low-profile personal security teams, which incorporate specialised air support within an existing security service portfolio. Technical innovations comprise of operations which mount 360° gun torrents on armoured vehicles in dangerous areas, to name a few.

CEO – Safenet Security Services

Werner Vosloo received his BA in Law from Stellenbosch University. He served in the South African Intelligence Service for 17 years. He was an analyst, collection officer and a provincial operational manager. During his service, he obtained knowledge and experience in international politics, terrorism, domestic extremism and crime intelligence. After his service, he became a security and logistical consultant for the South African abalone industry and other international companies, which performed business in Nigeria and Tanzania.

Werner joined Safenet Security Services in 2004 as a security consultant and operational support specialist. He has been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of the UAE. He currently presides over the Safenet Security office in Dubai.