About Us

Why Safenet?

Our understanding:

Our comprehension of risks, human capital, infrastructure, products/services, processes and ultimately, reputation enables us to work in partnership with our clients to protect these assets in line with their company ethos.

Our people:

We enlist the most qualified individuals from the security forces of various nations, from sectors including military, special forces, law enforcement, multi-nationals and other specialist fields. Our experience and skill set allows clients to conduct business effectively, in all corners of the world.

Our expertise:

We can deploy assets worldwide promptly to support our clients’ needs and facilitate their project requirements. Our company structure and experience base allow us to provide a local insight on a global basis.

Our diversity:

We cover personal security, security operations, logistics and life support, and construction and training. We offer a unique service for all security requirements by providing our clients with turnkey solutions.

Our response time:

Safenet is able to deploy its personnel anywhere in the world on short notice to support clients’ needs. We are also able to provide information on a situation or area, quickly and accurately.

Our reputation:

We are known for our dynamic leadership, innovation, as well as our holistic approach to security.

Our ethics:

We have an acclaimed reputation for integrity and unquestionable ethical behaviour. All Safenet activities are conducted with the highest degree of discretionand honesty within the framework of national and international law, while at the same time, maintaining complete corporate transparency. In compliance with the International Code of Conduct for Security Service Providers, endorsed in November 2010 in Geneva, Safenet is committed to genuine industry accountability and regulation.

Our commitment:

We view our clients as our greatest assets, and Safenet is committed to providing the most effective and reliable operational security assets. Safenet believes that long-term success is achieved by delivering consistent, measurable results and adding value to its clients.