At SRRM, we provide a full range of security risk management services including close protection, integrated technology as a turnkey solution, asset protection, and medical support ensuring all risks are accounted for and mitigated against. Each security operation package is designed and tailored for the individual client by our dedicated security risk management advisors whose experience has been perfected by extensive operational presence in high-risk environments.

Our project managers are permanent employees of SRRM. All are formerly military and law enforcement officers. SRRM security consultants average between ten to twenty-five years’ experience operating in low-intensity conflicts, war conditions, special operations, intelligence, and/or civilian law enforcement.

SRRM security consultants are dedicated to providing the highest operating standards in the industry, thus creating a benchmark for others. Every SRRM employee maintains the pursuit of excellence and highest disciplinary standards.

Our teams of multinational staff, combined with local security professionals and support staff, ensure local customs and regulations are adhered to. Our local national personnel participate in a rigorous training regimen and upon completion serves on our staff with great success. Local nationals add regional knowledge and skills and ultimately allow SRRM to contribute to local communities. This mix ensures best practice by combining local information and insight with international standards. This reinforces our dedication to providing the highest operating standards in the industry.


SRRM facilitates and consults on close protection in some of the world's most hostile and remote environments. We provide planning and implementation including the facilitation of armed security, life support services, command and control solutions and armored vehicles. Our services are ready to be deployed in times of international crisis.

  • KEY POINT SECURITY (Ports and Air Ports)

Using proven threat and risk methodology combined with a wealth of experience, SRRM can identify, analyze, and counter risks. We provide effective key point security plans and ensure implementation and management thereof. From the strategic to tactical level, SRRM can facilitate the right level of manpower and technology to protect facilities in a cost-effective manner.


SRRM facilitates the protection of critical infrastructure, pipelines, flow stations and offshore facilities by means of physical, air and electronic measures. These services include health, safety, environmental, quality and disaster management.


Safe houses, camp design and construction, force protection measures, tents, pre-fabricated and containerized accommodation, kitchen and leisure facilities, water and power supply, garbage and sewage facilities.


SRRM‘s air wing provides personnel and logistical support by fixed and rotary wing aircraft ensuring the safe movement of personnel and equipment to and from the required locations.

SRRM‘s integrated transportation provides a balanced and integrated system consisting of movement control, mode operations, and supply operations. Detailed transportation planning is done to ensure the service required by our clients and their operational needs are controlled centrally.

SRRM ensures that it meets one of the greatest challenges confronting today's transport requirements by ensuring that the right mix of transportation mode, movement control, and supplies arrive in the theatre at the right time to support movement, operations, and sustainment.

SRRM shall provide renewed security risk management services, meeting international standards for air transport to and from other regions such as Europe, Middle East, and the Far East.


Reception management, cleaning, garbage removal, sewage management, fuel supply and point of distribution management, health care and sanitary evacuation.


The SRRM Construction Division includes design and engineering, infrastructure development of roads and bridges, building of military and police infrastructure, project and construction management, quality assurance quality control, HSE and site supervision.


The SRRM Strategic Analysis division provides accurate, real-time information to clients around the world, including security alerts, country threat assessments, and strategic security analysis reports for a wide range of sectors. Includes personal investigation-and surveillance.


SRRM utilizes the expertise of former military and police officers to facilitate tailored, specialist executive protection to diplomats, non - governmental organizations, CEO’s, and high net worth individuals. SRRM prides itself on the professionalism of its close protection operators who are mindful of the profile of their clients and when they themselves need to be high or low profile.


The SRRM training division offers training and consultancy services in corporate security, executive awareness, security management, counter-surveillance, counter-kidnap, and crisis-simulated incident training.

SRRM Security Services provides training in military and law enforcement, basic, Special Forces, methods of entry and weapons.

An organization’s success is underpinned by its people, ensuring they are trained effectively to ensure mission success in volatile or high-risk environments. SRRM believes training is an essential element of both capability and duty of care. This drives our approach and ensures that we work with our clients to provide the highest quality and most relevant training for their needs.

SRRM offers training solutions for corporations, executives, NGOs, governments and emergency services, as well as military and law enforcement personnel. Highly experienced trainers conduct and manage courses. SRRM trainers combine current methodology with contemporary operational experience, and courses are continually reviewed, updated to ensure their relevance and adherence to standards of best practice.


SRRM deploys medical doctors and paramedics integrated with security teams who are qualified in advanced trauma. As an optional service, we are authorized and qualified to stabilize casualties for evacuation. SRRM‘s medics present First Responder courses for clients and dependents at remote worksites or in accommodation compounds.

The operational paramedic has the primary function of providing comprehensive medical and first-line trauma support in remote and high-risk areas.


SRRM provides and facilitates services to clients operating in challenging environments that range from the construction of man camps, provision of life support, provision, and maintenance of vehicles, securing of mission-critical equipment and emergency evacuation of employees.

SRRM has an extensive vendor supply chain and partnerships in various regions and countries associated with programs of our valued clients worldwide.

From this list, we are able to provide a myriad of supplies, equipment, products and services related to each project / contract requirement. Depending on the proximity to urban areas and access roads, supplies will be transported and delivered by air, road, and / or sea according to re-order points and re-order quantities established through historical observation.


SRRM facilitates the protection of critical cargo and equipment using security escort teams equipped with satellite tracking transponders and various means of communications.